About Us

PT. Intermulindo Utama and DIORA were established in Jakarta, Indonesia since 1988. With more than 25 years of bathroom products experience, we brought to you curated collections which are versatile into the modern day living.

Working collaboratively with many designers, our team understand deeply the needs of product and service excellence.

Our selection of products definitely cater to everyone's need whether it is classic, contemporary or modern. Customers are able to preview the latest collections at our showroom Diora & Diora with a fresh new look in 2014.

Craftsmanship & Technology

When high precision craftsmanship meets advanced technology, we call it a mutual relationship. The touch of technology will enhance in crafting products that will lasts for many years to come.

We are at the intersection of impeccable style and functional technology. Our designer brands prove that classic does not mean old-fashioned. It is improving our daily life that's what make our products valuable.



Material & Wear-and-Tear

Material quality is never being compromised when such product is claimed to be high quality. 

We offer exquisite color finishes from the best selection of material from modern architectural design. By using Physical Vapor Deposit (PVD) technology to create unique finishing, materials are more resistance to abrasion, discoloration, corrosion and non-tarnished. 

To ease our customers' mind, our products are tested to be easy-to-clean with many household cleaners.